Merry Christmas!

Our Clinic will be closed on Monday December 26th and Monday January 2nd, 2023. Otherwise, the Clinic will be open for regular Clinic hours from 7am to 7pm from Tuesday

Plantar Fasciitis: “I want a new foot”

Heel pain. Ugh. It’s excruciating first thing in the morning. Sitting is fine but the first 20 steps afterwards is terrible. It gets worse the longer you stand. Running is

Shockwave Therapy: Our One Year Review

One year. Happy One Year Anniversary to our Radial Shockwave Machine! After nearly 1 million “shocks” or pulses delivered, it’s time to evaluate how this technology has contributed to our

Let’s Talk Golf!

Golf is a game of love and hate. One hole you’re on top of the world and then the next you’re asking yourself why did I buy these clubs, why

Our Top 3 FAQs!

Hello Everyone!  Spring has sprung in Edmonton and we hope you have been able to enjoy the warmer weather, our longer days and marvel at the many blossoms around Edmonton.