Spinal Pain & Interventional Procedures in Edmonton

Spinal pain refers to symptoms stemming from injuries and conditions that affect our neck and back.

Understanding the diagnosis of your condition is vital for successful treatment. Diagnoses such as muscle strain, herniated discs, arthritis, or spinal stenosis are some examples of spinal conditions treated by physiotherapists. 

Here at Elevation Physiotherapy, our team of physiotherapists works closely with medical specialists in Edmonton who perform injection therapies called interventional procedures for painful conditions. These injection therapies can include corticosteroid injections, lidocaine trigger point injections, radio frequency ablations, spinal nerve blocks, pro-inflammatory injections like prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma and joint injections like hydrodilation and hyaluronic acid. Complex conditions sometimes require complex solutions, and our team of physiotherapists have extensive years of experience providing rehabilitation care for patients undergoing these procedures.

Doctor/Physiotherapist doing a spinal injection treatment

Common Conditions Treated By Edmonton Spinal Pain & Interventional Procedures:

Spinal Pain & Interventional Procedures at Elevation Physiotherapy

At Elevation Physiotherapy, we see many patients who have failed treatments elsewhere and when interventional procedures have not been effective. Our team thrives on solving complex conditions. We work closely with many medical specialists to solve the most challenging spinal conditions that have failed treatment elsewhere.

Pain in the arms and legs can originate from the spine. Locating the root cause of symptoms in the extremities is essential. Sometimes, these symptoms can have multiple sources from both the spine and the extremities. Therefore, a thorough and comprehensive assessment is vital if treatment is to be successful.

Locating the source of your symptoms is vital when symptoms like pain, numbness, or tingling are felt in your extremities. Our triage system prioritizes these conditions since a common source of these symptoms often involves the nerves in your spine and extremities. Addressing these conditions early in their onset is essential.