Let’s Talk Golf!

Golf is a game of love and hate. One hole you’re on top of the world and then the next you’re asking yourself why did I buy these clubs, why

Danielle Bles: A Passion for Shoulders!

As Physiotherapists, we are often asked what injury or condition is the most difficult to treat. Our answer is “all of them.” Every condition, injury and area of the body

Snow Shovelling Injuries

Each winter, our Clinic will see our fair share of shoulder, neck and low back injuries caused by snow shovelling. Snow shovelling, especially during wet and heavy snow falls, produce

Shoulder Pain in the Overhead Athlete

Definitions:  Tendinosis:  Non-inflammatory changes to the structure or composition of a tendon. These changes often result from repetitive micro-traumas or failure of the tissue to heal following a tendon injury.