Introducing Nick MacLeod!


Nick is here!  Our Team is so excited to welcome Nick MacLeod to Elevation Physiotherapy!  Nick’s impressive resume includes 6 years spent working at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic at the Acute Knee Injury Clinic. Here, he worked as part of an interdisciplinary team with sports medicine physicians and with Dr. David Otto, Dr. Mark Sommerfeldt and Dr. Catherine Hui who are 3 leading orthopedic surgeons in the City of Edmonton. It’s truly amazing that we have such an incredible team of Physiotherapists with collaboration experience with specialist physicians and surgeons as part of our DNA. 

Nick is now full time with us and he is taking new patients and referrals. Let me introduce Nick to you!

Albert: Nick, tell me the journey of you becoming a Physiotherapist? 

Nick: Well, it has been a bit of a windy road to becoming a physiotherapist. Upon entering university, my goals were set on attending medical school and pursuing orthopedic surgery. However, my plans began to change during my undergraduate program. I spent time shadowing different health professionals and through a long process of self reflection, I decided medicine was not for me. This led me to entering the Pharmacy program at the U of A. After one year in the program and completing my first clinical placement I realized that this was not the career for me either. 

So, I did the most logical thing and took a year off from University and travelled the world! I spent this time reflecting on my career and life choices. I recalled that I spent my childhood and teenage years in physio clinics receiving treatment for my consistent sprains/strains and other injuries from years of playing competitive soccer. It hit me that I wanted a hands-on career where I get to help people get back to activities that are important to them. As well, during my university years, I struggled with considerable amounts of back pain. So, I decided to enrol in the Masters of Physiotherapy program in order to learn more about the human body and how I could help myself and others with similar struggles.

Well, back to travelling…I spent a few months roaming through South America with my best friend. While we were at the base of Machu Pichu in a town called Aguas Calientes, I checked my email and found out that I got accepted to the University of Alberta Physiotherapy Program! And there has been no turning back since.

Albert: So, the take-home message is life’s most important decisions should be made while travelling! Got it! I’ve had my eye on Northern Italy to cross country ski for years. Once Covid allows, I’ll book my trip, pronto!

It’s been 6 years since you graduated and you had a very unique experience compared to most graduates of the program. Tell me about your experiences so far. 

Nick: I graduated in 2016 and was the recipient of the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic’s Fellowship program. This residency consisted of 6 months of physiotherapy mentorship and considerable amounts of interdisciplinary work with physicians and surgeons.

I then spent about 6 years working at this Clinic and was very fortunate to be a part of many programs, initiatives and interdisciplinary teams. I spent time on both the Knee and Shoulder teams working closely with surgeons and physicians to diagnose and create rehabilitation programs for our patients. I spent many clinic days working with Sport Medicine Physicians in our Acute Knee Injury Clinics in diagnosing and treating patients with acute knee injuries.

I was also a Facilitator for our Functional Agility Strength Training (FAST) classes which progress patients through many stages of rehab after knee and lower body injuries. A large focus is spent on strength and conditioning and then transitioning into dynamic agility movements more specific to sport activities.

Albert: You treat a variety of injuries and conditions but do you have a specialty?

Nick: My current areas of specialty would be the knee through my time spent with the Knee Program. I have considerable experience treating acute and traumatic knee injuries including ligament tears, acute meniscal injuries and patellar dislocations. Having worked closely with some of the best knee surgeons in Edmonton, ACL injuries were a large part of my caseload and are still an area I thoroughly enjoy treating.  I also enjoy managing other knee conditions including runner’s knee, patellofemoral pain, tendinopathies to osteoarthritis.

Albert: Where do you see your career progressing next? 

Nick: I chose to join Elevation Physiotherapy because of your treatment philosophy. This Clinic has an active treatment approach and its focus on empowering patients with an education-based treatment approach aligns exactly with how I practice and which makes for an easy transition to this Clinic. You place a strong emphasis on excellence, mentorship, continued learning, and collaboration with a team approach to patient management which is excellent and something that has worked so well in my career before that I look forward to being a part of it here at the Clinic.  Also, this Clinic takes a strength and conditioning approach very seriously as a means of injury prevention and for improving life and sport performance, which I would love to contribute to and learn from.

Albert: It’s been 2 years into the current pandemic. Besides your love for your work, what else feeds your soul during such challenging times?

Nick: During the summer months I golf and bike frequently. On my days off, I like to refinish all types of furniture. At times my basement looks more like a thrift store!  It is a nice escape from the stresses of life and allows me to put my love of painting to good use!

There you have it, folks!  Welcome to Elevation Physiotherapy, Nick and being a part of the #elevationorangeteam! We understand that as a patient, you have many choices as to where you can attend for your Physiotherapy needs. However, what makes us unique is our Staff, our approach to patient care and our passion for excellence. Dr. Roman Tulis is a Sports Medicine Physician at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic and here is what he has to say about Nick:

My name is Roman Tulis, I am a consultant Sport And Exercise Medicine Physician at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic and have been working there since 2015. I am delighted to have the honour of introducing Nick MacLeod. I have had the pleasure to work with Nick since early 2016 at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic, and we have worked closely in the Acute Knee Injury Clinics. Nick’s knowledge base in treating all types of knee injuries and pathologies is excellent, and he is successful aiding patients in their recovery because of this and because of his skills in building good rapport with patients. He is able to work well with physios, physicians and other team members in our clinic. You are lucky to have such a great therapist and colleague.”

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